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Moxie Dance Project Teams Up With Shriners Children's Hospital

On June 22nd Moxie Dance Project visited Shriners Children's Hospital in Oak Park, Illinois and spent the night performing and dancing with the patients. This particular hospital specializes in youth orthopedic conditions, burns, spinal cord injuries, and cleft lip and palate cases.

The dancers learned a two minute routine the week before in one rehearsal, then were assigned to practice at home. They then came to Shriners Hospital and performed their piece for the patients and nurses. After performing their routine they took an interactive Zumba class with the patients. All of the dancers had a positive message to take away from this project. Many of them expressed what a joy it was to share their love of dance with other children who are not as fortunate to be given similar opportunities. We are so proud of all the dancers who participated in this project and helped spread their joy through dance.

Congratulations all around on our first completed project! Be sure to subscribe to our website to get all of the reviews on our future projects, and to see what we are up to!

-Alanna & Brittany

Here is a video recap made by our very own Moxie, Clancy Scheck:

A few direct quotes from the dancers about this project:

"I learned from going that you don't just dance. You dance with a purpose." - Audrey Biancalana

"During the event it made me very happy and overjoyed to see the smiles on the patients faces." -Anne Dillman

"I was so glad to share my love of dance with others who maybe hadn't experienced something so joyful in awhile. I learned so much while at the event, such as how dance can make others happy no matter what is going on, and that dance is a true form of happiness." - Anne Crum

"The shriners event made me experience a whole new type of "feeling good". I loved being able to know that dancing for them and with them made them smile." -Livy Wallace

"These people helped me understand that no matter what health condition or mindset you may be in, you can always follow your dreams, and you can do anything to which you put your mind!" - Mary Crum

"I really hope that we made all the kids days, because they certainly made mine!" -Sophia Pyka

Below are some photos taken from this event.

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