Mary is twelve years old and she has been dancing since the age of three. Her love for dance doesn't change whether she is competing, performing, or just dancing in the studio. Mary is currently on the competition team at Sunshine Dance Project in which she has had many great opportunities. While attending Dupree Summer Intensive, Mary received a half scholarship. Sunshine has also helped her understand what it is like to spread sunshine and happiness to others through dance. She hopes to continue to help give the feeling of joy to others through her dancing!


Jessica Cvengros is 15 years old and was born and raised in Glen Ellyn, IL. She has been a member of the Sunshine Dance Company competition team for 5 years. Jessica has been taught in many different styles of dance,her favorite being contemporary. Throughout her years dancing, Jessica has earned numerous scholarships, awards, and has been given many other opportunities. She has been privileged enough to have earned the Dupree Dance scholarship twice and a Dance Directive Master Class scholarship from Talent On Parade Dance Competition. Jessica has worked with Jordan Matter photography in creating his book "Tiny Dancers Among Us" (spring 2017). Jessica looks forward to continuing her years of dance education, and is very excited to take part in Moxie Dance Project!


Livy is 13 years old and dances at Sunshine Dance Project. She has been competitively dancing for four years now. She has won a full scholarship from Dupree Dance Convention. Livy trains in many styles of dance but her personal favorite is modern. Another achievement of hers is choreographing her very own solo which had received many awards. Livy loves the arts and hopes to continue with it when she is older. She is very excited and honored to be apart of MDP this year and cannot wait for all the opportunities it will bring!  


Anne Crum has been dancing for 7 years and has been competing 3 of those 7 years. Dance is Anne's favorite thing to do because of the joy it brings her and the people around her. Along with just competing and rehearsing with Sunshine Dance Project, the team also participates in dance conventions, such as Dupree Dance, where Anne recently received a full scholarship to another intensive. Anne has performed on many stages, including recitals, competitions, special events (The Taste of Glen Ellyn, Glen Ellyn Brookdale Senior Living Home), and more. Anne believes that dance is a truly powerful thing and should be spread throughout our community.


Born in July of 2005, Skylar spent the first six years of his life dancing at home to his faithful family audience. He took his first formal class at the age of six at the local Park District. At seven, he began taking tap classes at Sunshine Dance Company. From there, the world of dance opened up to him. Today, Skylar is a member of the Sunshine Dance Company competition team and performs in competitions around the Chicago area throughout the year. Jazz, contemporary, musical theater and tap are his favorite styles. In his free time, Skylar likes to jump on trampolines, read fantasy novels and, well, dance.


Jane, age 12, began dancing at age 2. She has been a part of Sunshine Dance Project since the day they opened their doors, and was the youngest member of the Competition Team when it started 6 years ago. Since then she has enjoyed dancing every style from tap to lyrical to hip-hop and more with the team, and has also had competitive solos the last 3 years. Jane danced in the Nutcracker with the Joffrey Ballet for the last 2 years, being both a part of the last Robert Joffrey choreography and the brand-new Christopher Wheeldon choreography. She loves learning from her teachers as well as the dancers around her, and loves the smiles dance brings to the audience when she performs most of all!


Born August 25, 2005, Annsley never walked but instead went right to dancing before she was two years old.  She self-taught, until her undeniable passion forced her parents to sign her up for formal dance classes around town.  At age 7, she discovered Sunshine Dance Project. She has been dancing all different styles of dance since then and has competed on the Sunshine Dance Project Competition team for the past two years in large group and small group numbers, trios and a solo.  Dancing opened the doorway to acting for Annsley, and she loves combining acting with dancing in musical performances and plays.  Hip Hop and contemporary are currently her favorite styles of dance.  She enjoys bringing emotions to an audience through her performances.


Kate Harvey started dancing when she was 2 and hasn't stopped since.  She loves all styles of dance including jazz, contemporary, hip hop, lyrical and tap and is a junior team member with Sunshine Dance Project. Kate's favorite quote for dance - "Dance with your heart, not your feet" embodies her dance philosophy.


Claire is 13 years old and has being dancing since she was 3. Claire has danced at Sunshine Dance Project her whole life and has experienced a wide variety of dance styles, which helped spark her passion for dance. She now has been competing on the Sunshine Dance Competition team for 2 years and about to start her third. She has been experiencing many different opportunities through this team. One accomplishment was being offered a half scholarship at Dupree Dance Convention. Claire loves to dance with her teammates and loves how she can express herself through different styles whether it is tap, or contemporary! She hopes to keep growing with her dance career in the future.


Darcy Mraz is 13 years old and loves dance, no two ways about it! She started dancing at age five and decided that she preferred her own choreography to the teacher's! She tried many things; soccer, poms, tumbling, girl scouts and many art classes among other things. As she grew older her passion for dance grew stronger. She performed in her first Nutcracker at age nine and since then has never been far from the stage. She has been dancing at Storm Dance Alliance for four years and has competed with their Intensity dance team for two years. She has now joined their pre-professional team Precision this season. Darcy is always looking to increase her strength, flexibility and improve her skills as a dancer. Her favorite styles are pointe and contemporary. She is always supportive of other dancers weather cheering them on or sharing technique. Dance will always be the first love of her life.


Brooke is 13 years old and has been dance for 9 years. Her favorite styles of dance are hip hop and contemporary. For 6 years, she has been dancing at Sunshine Dance Project. For the last 3 years, she has been on the Sunshine Dance Project Competition Team. She loves dance and has a deep passion for it. She will forever use her skills and love for dance throughout her life. Brooke has also loved sharing her passion and love for dance with many other amazing people. As a part of Sunshine Dance Project this year, she had the opportunity to perform a hip hop solo. This dance was choreographed by Stephanie Hansen. When performing her solo, she won second place and first in it's category. Brooke is very excited to be a part of Moxie Dance Project and to have many amazing experiences.


Clancy is thirteen years old and she has been dancing for 9 years. These past 6 years, she was able to spend on the Sunshine Dance Project competition team. She has a driving passion for dance and carries that with her throughout her life. Her love and passion is brought out in performing and being able to share that passion with others. Through Sunshine, she has been able to perform so many amazing pieces. Last year she was able to perform a solo for the first time. The dance was choreographed by Moxie's own, amazing Alanna Nielsen. She received fourth place during a competition for that solo. She is excited to start Moxie and earn many more amazing opportunities while also having fun and sharing her passion for dance along the way.


Carly is 13 years old and has been dancing for 9 years. She has been dancing for 6 years at Sunshine Dance Project. She loves dancing and finds joy in performing for others. She will forever be using the skills and things she's learned through dance throughout her life. Carly is very excited to be part of Moxie and to be dancing with wonderful people and making amazing memories.


Maddy Milianti is 12 years-old and has been dancing for eight years. She has been on the Sunshine Dance Project competition team for 4 years! She loves contemporary and tap. She just recently won a half scholarship at the Dupree Dance Convention! Dance has always been exciting to do. Outside of dance, Maddy loves to sing and act! She is in her school’s choir and loves to sing on during her free time. She loves everything she does and hopes to keep doing it for as long as she can!


Outside Karas passion for dance, she loves the great outdoors. When she's not in the studio dancing you can find her exploring nature and taking care of her pets. Whether it be jazz, contemporary or tap she loves to dance with her teammates and bring kindness to the world through dance! Kara is 13 years old and has been dancing since she was 2 in a tu-tu.


Jordan is 11 years old. She took her first dance class at the age of three and has been dancing ever since. Jordan is starting her 5th year on the Sunshine Competition Team and is excited to be dancing with Moxie. She's looking forward to the new dance experiences Moxie will bring.


Sophia Pyka has been dancing at Sunshine Dance Project for about one year. Previously, she was a gymnast but has made the decision to come back to dance. She chooses to dance because it allows her to show a different side of herself that she wouldn’t be able to express if she didn’t have dance in her life. Her favorite styles of dance are hip-hop. Contemporary, and jazz. She absolutely loves dancing and hopes to continue with it for a long time.With us since our founding, Drew Carlyle is one of our veteran team members. They bring their years of experience and skills to the forefront in helping our organization grow and succeed.


Kay is 15 years old and currently a student at Glenbard West Highschool. She was been dancing since the age of 2 and has never stopped loving the art. Her passion for dance continues to grow everyday whether it be competing, during class, or watching others perform what she loves the most. She is proud to be a member of Sunshine Dance Project competition team, where her and her teammates have one countless of awards. Kay has also been a member of the Dupree Dance All Star team, as well as receiving awards and scholarships at dance competitions. When not dancing you can find Kay on the stage performing in theatre productions. Kay is blessed to be a part of such an amazing organization. She hopes that everyone will love the art just as much as she does.


Anne Dillman has loved to dance ever since she was a baby. She  started dancing with Miss Sheri at Sunshine Dance Project when she was two years old and also performed at Belletomane in Toronto, Canada. She joined Sunshine Dance Project at age nine and has loved all of her classes and being on the competition team. She enjoys dancing and expressing the way her feelings through art. She also loves theater and softball. She has made amazing friendships and is so excited to be a part of Moxie Dance Project.


Bio Coming Soon


Paige Anderson is 13 years and has been dancing for 11 years. She started competing with Sunshine Dance Project 3 years ago and was on a performance team for two years before then and has absolutely loved it! During Paige’s first year on the team she was a runner up for a scholarship at Dupree Dance Convention. Her favorite styles of dance are lyrical and musical theater because they are the most fun to perform! Outside of dance she loves to play guitar and hang out with her friends. She is beyond thrilled to be a part of Moxie Dance Project and is so excited to bring the community together through dance.


Elizabeth Demeris has been dancing for 3 years with Sunshine Dance Project. She especially likes Contemporary and Jazz dancing. She is a true performer! Aside from her love of the dance stage, she sings, acts,  and has performed in many musical theatrical projects. She is very thankful to her dance teachers at Sunshine Dance Project!


Jenna is 14 years old and is going to be a freshman at Benet Academy. She has been dancing since the age of 3, and has loved it ever since!! She has danced with multiple studios including Sunshine Dance Project and Deforest Dance Academy. Although Jenna has danced a variety of styles, she has found that her true passions are ballet and contemporary. She performed two lyrical pieces in a Mario Tricoci hair show in 2016, and has been a part of Deforest’s annual Nutcracker performance since the first production in 2015. In addition to dance, Jenna enjoys baking, watching Castle, hanging out with her friends, and laughing. Jenna is so excited to be a part of Moxie Dance Project and can’t wait to bring dance into her community!


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