We offer our "Moxies" and "Moxies in Training" project based opportunities to participate in. We plan to offer a wide variety of experiences consisting of but not limited to: performances in festivals for more choreographic and performance exposure, performances to support local/regional fundraisers, master classes, field trips to professional dance concerts, photoshoots/headshots, community service events, choreographic opportunities, etc.



Moxie Dance Project allows dancers to opt in or opt out of any projects as they surface. We understand everyone is involved in many activities which is why these experiences will be contingent upon dancer's own interest, maturity, and availability. Any rehearsals or classes will be located at our host studio Sunshine Dance Project located in Glen Ellyn. Any rehearsals for upcoming performances will take place on various Sundays depending on the event.


Parents will be expected to pay fees per project. Fees will be dependent upon projects' needs/demands. Everyone involved in a project will receive a price list prior to committing. Examples of costs and responsibilities would be: transportation to and from events, tickets to performances, photographer fees, masterclasses, small choreography fees, etc. We as directors will try to keep costs as minimal as possible.